PS4 Racing Wheel APEX

Experience quicker handling by switching the max steering output from 270 degrees to 180 degrees.

Race to win. Get the HORI edge.
Enable advanced features such as Quick Handling mode to get the edge to win.

Quick Handling Mode
Instantly switch from full 270°rotation to 180°Quick Handling Mode to suit the race.

Realistic driving experience.
Full-size racing wheel designed after high-end vehicles brings racing realism home

Set up options.
Attach with suction cups or sturdy clamps depending on your gaming environment.

Textured rubber grip.
High-quality materials combined with precision internal components allow for precision control.

Adjust steering input sensitivity to seven levels to carve perfect lines. Freely assign functions to all buttons, pedals, and paddles.

Securely mount with sturdy clamp and steel parts.
Adjust dead zone to hold the straightaway to the checkered flag.


Stylish full-size wheel modeled after luxury cars. Securely mount with suction cups.
Feel the road with multi-level vibration feedback Burn out with adjustable pedal sensitivity.
Textured grip for control and comfort. Pedal unit folds away for storage.


Release date Out now
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