The X12 replaces the X11, the best-selling XBOX gaming headset of all times. Given the popularity, these particular headsets are produced in massive numbers which means gamers will get a lot more for less.

The X12 features large 50mm speakers deliver great sound with the crisp highs and deep lows that you would expect from professional-grade headsets costing many times more. X12 is engineered to focus on competitive, tactical sound – you can hear sound cues that are missed with conventional TV and PC speakers, such as the sound of enemy footsteps or the click of a loading weapon in the distance. The X12 has a built in microphone monitor which means you can hear your voice in the headset, so you won’t have to shout to hear what you’re saying.

The handy X12 in-line amplifier lets you adjust game and chat audio volumes independently and comes with an X12 exclusive feature: The variable bass boost where you can add extra depth and realism to your gaming experience. The X12 is built for long play sessions – with light-weight design and oversized, fabric mesh ear cushions in breathable material you’ll forget that you are even wearing a headset.

Amplified sound
You’ll hear vital sounds in the game – everything from the sound of a camper reloading his weapon around the corner to a helicopter gunship approaching.

Variable Bass Boost
Add depth and realism to the gaming experience with strong yet clear bass.

PC Compatible
Delivers the ultimate gaming experience for XBOX 360 and PC.

Microphone Monitoring
Hear your voice in the headset, so you won’t have to shout to hear what you’re saying.

In-Line Amplifier
Independent controls allow for quick adjustments to game audio and chat volumes.

USB Powered
A USB connection provides power to your amplified Xbox 360 headset - no AC adapters or batteries necessary.

Built for long gaming sessions
Oversized, mesh fabric ear cushions in breathable material for extreme comfort.

Release date Out now
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