Hercules DJ Control Glow

Awaken the DJ force within you!

Are you ready to awaken the DJ force and experience the GLOW?
Discover a unique DJ controller with innovative light effects!
Take your party to the next magical stage


2 decks to mix 2 music tracks

  • Mix 2 music tracks using the DJ Control GLOW's controls
  • 2 jog wheels for navigating within tracks
  • 1 crossfader and 2 volume faders to mix 2 music tracks

Simplified DJing techniques
User-friendly automated sequences for beginners, via DJUCED™ 18°

  • Auto Cue: insert a cue point on the first beat
  • Instant synchronization: one-touch beat adjustment if you do not want to adjust the pitch manually
  • Easy loops: loops are automatically adjusted to the beats' length

Easily add your mark to your music files

  • Equalize the music to enhance the audio quality
  • Enhance the track with custom effects to add your mark
  • Save your mix to your music files


Perfect for mobile use
Compact DJ control surface
Free software: DJUCED™ 18°, a great interface suited to both compact and large displays.

Release date: Out now
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