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Beyblade Metal Masters: Nightmare Rex

Release date: 25-11-2011
Genre: Action
EAN-number: 4012927084304
Art. no.:102023
Colli: 12
In-game languages: English

Beyblade is a TV and Manga series about several school kids who battle
their classmates and other rivals with a customisable spinning toy, also
sold seperately by Hasbro.

While the spinning game in reality lets the player win, whose “Beyblade”
spins the longer time, the video game will let the player control the “Beyblade”
and attack the opponent’s one with special moves that also appear in the
TV series and Manga.

Single players can compete rivals in “Arcade” (Story), “Practice”, “Survival” and
“Mission” (over a 100 missions) modes. Here they unlock 100s of new
parts through progress and customise their own “Beyblades”, set different
special attacks and save up to 3 different own creations. In the local 2-player
mode they can compete friends with their uniquely designed spins. The retail
toy will also have codes to unlock their virtual counterpart in the game and
use these parts. In the battles the player tries to hit the other spin with his
“Beyblade’s” special moves and either kick this out of the arena or reduce
it’s stamina til it’s breaking down while trying to defend the own.


-Packed with exclusive “Beyblade” Spin.
-Customise your own “Beyblade” with hundreds of parts and play with
37 characters from the TV series.
Arcade, Practice, Survival and Mission modes for 1 player
2 players in Local Play (2 Game Cards) and Download Play (1 Game Card).
Easy, intuitive controls.
Unlock 100s of new “Beyblade” parts – combine uncountable new Spins.
Connect with real Beyblades by using unlock codes.