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Pro Cycling Manager 2010

Release date: 30-06-2010
Genre: Sports
EAN-number: 3512289017251
Art. no.:103009
Colli: 15
In-game languages: Dansk/Norsk

As a true concentrate of cycling, Pro Cycling/Tour de France 2010 faithfully reproduces the greatest cycling races including all of their highlights. Take the lead of one of the season’s 18 official teams and guide their greatest champions to the highest step of prestigious international podiums, such as the Tour de France, La Vuelta and many more!

Live the race and its highlights! Act directly on your cyclists’ behavior: effort management, attacks, leader protection… You can even directly control your cyclists during time trial, sprint and track events!

The new Campaign mode will offer to all challenge-lovers up to 10 missions to complete, each of them more difficult than the previous one. Players in need of guidance have not been forgotten. The new fully interactive tutorial will help them discover cycling races, or improve their performances!

If the emphasis is put on the race, management aficionados will still be satisfied with Pro Cycling 2010's season mode. Take the lead of one of many professional cycling teams and bring it to victory throughout 4 complete seasons! Discover new talents, manage your contracts, set your goals… your team's success only depends on you!