Overwhelming display of bass, high quality sound and an impressive gaming design; the GXT 38 Tytan speaker set combines these features and changes your gaming expressions. Overwhelming in-game explosions, the roaring sound of your engine or enjoy your music and movies in the best available quality. The GXT 38 is not only for PC gaming, you can also easily connect your PlayStation, Wii, Xbox or your TV.

Key Features

Ultimate Sound & Bass
Thespeaker has a wooden 7 inch subwoofer with an bass you can feel! The satellite speakers are designed to perfectly display middle and high tones. Control the volume of bass and sound easily on the integrated control panel on the side of the subwoofer. These way you can adjust the power to your liking. The GXT 38 Ultimate bass has a high quality sound, making this set ideal for use in games like Battlefield and Need for Speed ​​but also for listening to music or watching movies.

Gaming Design
The speaker has a rugged design with prominent red accents. So not only an Ultimate display of sound also a tight looking gamer design. The grill of the subwoofer has an aggressive look and feel combines this with the glossy black satellite speaker and you get a perfect addition to any gaming setup!

With its 120 watts of peak power the GXT 38 creates an unbelievable wall of sound! Thanks to the included cable you can easily connect not only your PC but it is also suited for use with you Game console such as PlayStation, Wii or Xbox. The handy wired remote control has an large volume knob to adjust the volume easily, in addition you can connect your headphones, smartphone or Tablet to the integrated connectors.
The GXT 38 Tytan Speaker Sethas a Smart Power Management build-in to save on energy. The speaker automatically goes into standby mode when it is 15 minutes not used, start gaming and the speaker automatically turns back on.
In short, the ultimate bass speakers with 120 watts peak power delivers the best sound and deepest bass for all gaming platforms.

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