The HyperX™ COMMANDO+ Gaming Chair is ready and in position. The COMMANDO+ gives you the features you need and nothing more. Focusing on the basics of a great chair with a durable metal frame, elastic strap support system and high-density foam for a fitted to your frame seating experience.

With the breathable dotted seat design the COMMANDO+ is in it for the longest of gaming sessions. The aggressive lines of the COMMANDO+ come from the stitching in the supportive backrest and gives the whole chair its signature look.

The support is not just for your back and butt, on the COMMANDO+ you will find an intergraded head support that is created with extra cushioning for unbeatable head support. The included lumbar support pillow is easy to place and adjustable if needed - easily removeable with just two clicks. The butterfly-functional tilt mechanism allows you to tilt back in the seat freely, but you are also able to lock your chair in the upright position for the intense moments that require all your attention.



Adjustable Armrest

Lumbar support pillow included

Breathable dotted seat

Stitching detail in backrest

Nylon 700mm base

Metal frame

Lockable in upright position.



Breathable Dotted Seat

The seat in the COMMANDO has been made for the long run, with the breathable dotted seat design providing a more comfortable gaming experience and allowing you to perform your best in the final minutes of the game.



Stitching Detail

Our stitching detail in the chairs cushioning supportive backrest gives an aggressive look to the COMMANDO and its signature look



Nylon 700mm Base

Keeping the commander sitting, in the COMMANDO Gaming Chair, is a 700mm Nylon base. With dedicated area for feet support highlighted in RED which provides great support to rest your feet of the ground.



Metal Frame

Holding everything together is the metal frame of the chair. Crafted by the best, it ensures a high product quality of the frame and the firm elastic straps provides great back support.



PU Leather Upholstery

PU Leather is used on all areas of the COMMANDO, finely stitched together, and provides a great look over time and fresh out the box.



Head Support

The intergraded head support for the COMMANDO is made with extra cushioning for unbeatable support.
Waiting to respawn? Lean back for a second, rest and come back ready for another game.



Tilt Mechanism

The butterfly-functional tilt mechanism allows you to tilt back in the seat freely. It provides a smooth tilt when rocking and the ability to lock your chair in the upright position.



Lumbar Support Pillow Included

Included with the COMMANDO is the lumbar support pillow. Easily mounted or removed with elastic straps to ensure great support for the lower back for long gaming sessions.



Adjustable Armrest

The soft-coated armrest go up and down, whether you want to rest your arms when playing with a controller or move them all the way down out of the way.


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