The HyperX™ Crate duffel backpack is always ready to be taken for a ride. Grab the carry handle or throw it over your shoulder. The adjustable soft padded shoulder strap will prolong the time you can carry the duffel backpack over the shoulders without strain. With the tear- and water repellent exterior, nor rain or shine will ruin your gear. You can trust the Crate duffel backpack to protect headphones, laptop, keyboard and more from the elements of weather or urban environments. Whether you're cruising the streets of the city or exploring new locations, the duffel backpack remains easily accessible, packable and perfect for the travelling gamer. With a large internal compartment with designated pockets for every piece of item in your gaming setup.



Tear- And Water Repellent Exterior

No urban environment or force of nature will ruin your gear. This backpack is built to protect your gear from the elements



Heavy Duty Zipper System

Never fear breaking or not finding the zipper on your HyperX Crate backpack. These zippers are built to be used



Carry Handle

Made to be grabbed and taken for a ride!



Large Compartment with Pockets for Everything

No confusion when packing your backpack, we made a compartment for every item in your gamer setup



Adjustable Soft Padded Shoulder Strap

Find your own personal fit for maximum comfort. Now no LAN party is too far away



Quick Open System

Easily accessible, easily packable, perfect for the travelling gamer


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