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The HyperX™ EVENT bag is made to get you to LAN Parties in style and easily. The soft padded interior walls protect your gaming setup on all sides so transport won’t damage your setup. You will be able to carry your entire gaming setup including the tower, keyboard, mouse, headset and even clothes and energy drinks. The large compartment holds 150L, and there are designated compartments for every piece of equipment in your setup. Bringing your monitor as well? The HyperX™ EVENT bag comes with an inflatable monitor protector which can fit a 23-27” monitor and protects both the front and the back of the monitor. The monitor can easily be mounted with the special made carry harnesses on top of the backpack. With a tower, monitor and accessories, the backpack can get a little heavy, but the adjustable trolley system allows you to stroll right to the LAN party in style.



Protective Interior Walls
Upholstered with protective foam on all sides, this bag provides optimal protection for your gaming setup during transportation.



150 Liter-Compartment
This bag can carry your entire gaming setup with tower, keyboard, mouse, headset as well as clothes and energy drinks – no problem.



Inflatable Monitor Protector
The bag comes with an inflatable monitor protector that fits on 23-27" monitors. This will provide the extra protection needed for your monitor when travelling.



Harness System For Monitor
The bag’s carry handles are designed to double-serve as a protective harness - doubling up on the monitor protection.



Adjustable Trolley System
Never carry heavy gaming equipment in backpacks or by pushing it on gaming chairs – just stroll right to the LAN Party in style



Tear- And Water-Repellent Exterior
No urban environment or force of nature will ruin your gear. This backpack is built to protect your gear from the elements


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