HyperX™ JET BLACK LITE Gaming Chair

The HyperX™ JET BLACK LITE Gaming Chair is dark as night, the center of your gaming setup. The JET BLACK LITE features PU Leather upholstery with a new diamond stitching on the seat and backrest cushion, which is extra padded for increased comfort. The butterfly-tilt mechanism gives you full control of the seat, giving you the possibility of locking the seat tilt the top position and free tilt back when not. With full backrest recline of 135 degrees.

The 1D armrest with soft top pads provides comfort, and height customizability. Holding everything up and providing stability is our extended Class 4 Gaslift – providing a total seat height of 60cm to fit most gamers.


Breathable Dotted PU in body area.
Thick PU Leather Upholstery
Stitching Detail
Butterfly-functional tilt mechanism
Adjustable 1D Armrest


Breathable Dotted Seat
The seat in the JET BLACK LITE has been made for the long run, with the breathable dotted seat design providing a more comfortable gaming experience and allowing you to perform your best in the final minutes of the game.

PU Leather upholstery
High-end PU material used on all areas of the JET BLACK LITE, upholstered and finely stitched together, sure to provide a great look over time and fresh out the box.

Stitching Detail
Our stitching detail in the cushioning of the seat and supportive backrest of the chair is combined with sleek PU material for both a luxurious look and feel.

Tilt Mechanism
The butterfly-functional tilt mechanism allows you to tilt back in the seat freely. It provides a smooth tilt when rocking and the ability to lock your chair in the upright position.

Adjustable 1D Armrest
The soft-coated armrest go up and down, whether you want to rest your arms when playing with a controller or move them all the way down out of the way


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