The HyperX™ Raider backpack is inspired by adventurers and explorers. There is more than a dozen rooms and compartments to fill up with loot and gear. To protect it, the HyperX™ Raider backpack uses an anti-theft pocket system with the heavy-duty zipper system against your back. Velour covered pockets for your keyboard which can be shortened or lengthened, depending on the size of your keyboard. When travelling, you can use the heavy-duty trolley strap to secure the backpack to the trolley handle. There is even a USB hub on the side of the backpack so you can charge your phone on the go.  



Heavy Duty Zipper System
Never fear breaking or not finding the zipper on your HyperX Raider backpack. These zippers are built to be used



Anti-Theft Pocket System
With the zipper against your back, you will never have to worry on crowded buses, trains or at events again.



Trolley Strap
Bringing your gamer gear on a vacation? The Raider Backpack fits on trolley handles with a strap and spares your back



Easy Access Power Supply Through External USB Hub
The external USB charger lets you plug in your phone for a charge. That way you never have to fight someone for an outlet on the train again.



Velour Covered Pockets
The front pocket for your keyboard is covered in velour to avoid scratches and be shorten or lengthen to fit every keyboard.


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