In collaboration with Ferrari, the Next Level Racing® F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition is the definitive Scuderia Ferrari racing simulator cockpit. Adorned with the prestigious Scuderia Ferrari Racing Shield, the F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition stands true to the name and is built for the Elite. In collaboration with Ferrari, The F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition is designed for the racer who demands the highest quality and uncompromised rigidity for the ultimate Scuderia Ferrari sim racing experience.

The Next Level Racing® F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition completes the Scuderia Ferrari brand experience for fans of the fabled brand and is unrivalled when it comes to flex-free, high quality aluminium extrusion simulation cockpits. The F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition sets the benchmark for quality and rigidity - from the premium anodised high-grade aluminium extrusion and powder-coated carbon steel components.

Nothing was spared in the development and construction with near-infinite adjustability and customisation options available, even the most demanding sim racers will feel at home in the F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition cockpit. The F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition cockpit is also compatible with the Next Level Racing® Motion Ecosystem*. Featuring industry-leading materials in combination with fine-tuning adjustability and compatibility, the F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition offers the most premium immersive simulation experience on the market.

There should be no compromise when it comes to premium simulation cockpits, and the F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition holds true for the Elite user. The F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition is the perfect choice for elite users who demand the best. Boasting unparalleled rigidity, innovation, quality, and near-infinite adjustability, this product offers the complete package for ergonomic Formula, GT, hybrid, truck, and tank driving positions. Experience the ultimate sim racing setup with the Next Level Racing® F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition.

Next Level Racing® are proud to announce our latest collaboration with Ferrari, introducing the F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition. Drawing inspiration from Scuderia Ferrari’s rich motorsport history, this cockpit features replicated carbon fibre prints for a stunning aesthetic finish that will make you feel like you are sitting in a real Ferrari. The Scuderia Ferrari Racing Shield on the frame and custom front grill complete the cockpit's look and elevate the overall design. The Ferrari red accent on the cockpit is the perfect finishing touch. When combined with Next Level Racing® ES1 Scuderia Ferrari Edition Seat, the F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition cockpit provides a fully immersive racing experience that will transport you to the driver's seat of a race car. With this product, we have ensured a complete brand experience for Ferrari enthusiasts who enjoy simulation, allowing them to immerse themselves in the world of racing like never before. Get ready to experience the thrill of Scuderia Ferrari racing from the comfort of your own home.

The innovative Next Level Racing® Seat Sliding System has been designed and engineered to eliminate the issue of flex found in conventional seat sliders used in simulation. The custom Next Level Racing® ratchets are used to easily slide your seat back and forth to find the perfect position for a flex free racing experience.

The Next Level Racing® Seat Brackets are constructed from 5mm carbon steel to provide the rigidity required for high end sim racers and the new design provides more adjustability than ever before to support multiple seating positions with 98 adjustment options. The Next Level Racing® ES1, ERS1 and ERS2 Seats are the recommended seats to use with the Elite range of cockpits as the seat has been designed and optimised for the most demanding users.

The F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition stands out in the world of aluminium extrusion cockpits where quality and strength are often compromised. This exceptional product boasts flex-free aluminium extrusion and a custom Next Level Racing® 160mm x 40mm profile, providing unmatched strength at the cockpit's base. With the F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari, users can confidently enjoy a true multi-position cockpit for Formula, Hybrid, and GT driving without sacrificing design or strength. The F-GT Elite 160 features a premium thick-walled profile and a custom 160mm X 40mm profile for the base of the cockpit, with a total weight of 60kg. This custom shape of the base profile provides extra strength and refined aesthetics. Precisely designed multi-folded wheel, pedal, plates combined with thick carbon steel removes deflection and flex to provide a stronger and more rigid platform for users to attach their highest performing electronics. The strength can be seen in the FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Tests comparing the innovative F-GT Elite 160 plate designs to other flat steel or aluminium designs seen in conventional cockpits on the market.

Wheel Deck –equivalent to 17.67mm steel or 23mm aluminium
Pedal Deck – equivalent to 18.44mm steel or 26.5mm aluminium

The bespoke sliding pedal plates and wheel deck have been designed to provide easy and quick distance adjustments for pedals as well as compatibility with the continuously expanding pedal market. Equipped with 2 slotted 5mm carbon steel pedal plates with double precision folds, this setup ensures supreme rigidity and straightforward compatibility. The pedal tray and wheel deck area and laser-etched markings on the aluminium profile assist with making accurate adjustments and in combination with custom Next Level Racing® Shoulder Bolts, offering a high degree of angle, height, and distance adjustments to achieve the perfect position for the Elite racer.

Not only does the F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition arrive pre-drilled for major steering wheel and pedal manufacturers, but features unique laser-engraved guides and pre-machined slots for the perfect driving experience. Printed guides assist the users to achieve a perfect ergonomic setup in Formula, Hybrid, and GT, Truck and Tank driving positions

The Next Level Racing® F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition is the ultimate cockpit for bottom-mounted wheelbases, pedal sets, shifters, handbrakes, bass shakers and more due to its universal compatibility. For simulation enthusiasts that are looking to take their setup to the next level, the F-GT Elite 160 Scuderia Ferrari Edition is also compatible with the Next Level Racing ecosystem of Motion products*.

*The Next Level Racing® F-GT Elite 160 is compatible with the Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3, Motion Plus Platform. Users can attach two Motion Plus Platform. Users wanting to attach the Motion Plus Platform to the back of the cockpit require the Next Level Racing® Motion Adaptor Kit. Motion Adaptor Kit is not required if the Motion Plus Platform is attached to the front of the cockpit.

The F-GT Elite 160 cockpit provides a long list of unique custom engineered components to provide users with the highest quality and performing product on the market. Rather than adapting industrial off the shelf components, we are pioneering how aluminium profile cockpits should be designed. Square industrial brackets are no longer required as extrusion pieces are pre-machined to allow for quicker, easier and stronger connections.

The attention to detail continues throughout the cockpit, with details like the black electroplated premium spring ball T-slot nuts and the custom Next Level Racing® shoulder bolts and end caps completing the whole package. The premium finish and materials, custom components and market leading design come together for a visual masterpiece.

By designing custom components and using advanced manufacturing for precision machined holes in the aluminium profile this allows easier assembly and more rigid connection as the profile bolts together. The improved design means that the hassles of aligning fiddly corner brackets are a thing of the past. Combining the ease of assembly with the laser etched line markings on the profile help you to get racing quicker than any other aluminium cockpit before. Each piece is individually placed in our custom foam packaging to ensure the safety of the product while in transport and providing a seamless user experience from the time the packaging is opened.


  • Support for Formula, GT, Hybrid, Truck and Tank driving positions
  • Features 6mm pedal adjustment fins with NEXT LEVEL RACING® Shoulder Bolts to allow for a quick transition between driving positions.
  • 5mm Wheel Deck compatible with a wide range of wheels on the market.
  • Features a 5mm thick Split Pedal Plate design allowing compatibility with a wide range of pedals on the market.
  • Features a safety footstep for ease of access
  • Pre-machined holes for ease of assembly and extra rigidity
  • 5mm Seat brackets with shoulder bolt slot design to allow for quick angle adjustment.
  • Premium packaging including double boxing and moulded foam.
  • Shifter and handbrake plate compatible with a wide range of shifters and handbrakes on the market.
  • Compatible with Next Level Racing Motion V3 and Motion Plus platforms*
  • Flex free seat sliding system to eliminate flex issues found in conventional seat sliders.
  • Next Level Racing® Height Adjustable shock absorbing feet to prevent cockpit misalignment caused by uneven floors.
  • Reinforced shifter plate compatible with a wide range of shifters and handbrakes on the market.
  • Direct shifter setup for Next Level Racing® Motion V3 Platform allowing the shifter to move with the seat for extra immersion.
  • Alignment markings to help with alignment
  • Features a Next Level Racing® Toolkit for ease of assembly
  • Hardware for mounting peripherals included
  • Custom 40/160 Aluminium Extrusion for rigidity
  • Included Next Level Racing® custom end caps for a more streamlined T-nut installation process.
  • Wide Full Width T-Slot nuts which prevents in-channel twisting thus increasing rigidity and sturdiness
  • Compatible with Next Level Racing® Traction Platform (requires Motion Kit)
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