Introducing the Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Seat Only, the ultimate solution for flight simulation enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled experience. This meticulously designed flight seat offers support for both Commercial and Military configurations, delivering an authentic and immersive flight simulation experience. Designed with ergonomics in mind, it features a comfortable flight seat with a lumbar cushion, ensuring extended comfort during those long flight sessions. With the included HOTAS cut out, users can achieve a realistic Military configuration, allowing for precise control and an enhanced sense of realism. The double seat recliner levers enable quick adjustments to the backrest angle, providing optimal comfort and locking in lateral structural rigidity. This versatile seat is compatible with a range of Next Level Racing® products, including GTtrack, F-GT (with included adapter brackets), Elite Series Cockpits, Flight Simulator Cockpit, and GTSeat Add-On, providing seamless integration and expanding the possibilities for an exceptional flight experience.

Experience the unmatched versatility of the Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Seat Only, designed to cater to various genres of flight simulation. Whether you're aspiring to be a commercial pilot or longing for the thrill of military missions, this seat offers the perfect platform for your virtual adventures. Its unique design includes a HOTAS cut-out, allowing you to achieve a realistic Military configuration, while maintaining compatibility with Commercial setups. With adjustable features such as seat sliders, double seat recliners, and detachable cushions, this seat can be customized to accommodate users of different sizes and preferences. Enjoy the ultimate flexibility and adaptability in your flight simulation setup, as you embark on exciting journeys across different flight genres.

The Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Seat Only boasts remarkable cross-compatibility, seamlessly integrating with a range of Next Level Racing® cockpits such as the GTtrack, F-GT (with included adapter brackets), Elite Series Cockpits, Flight Simulator Cockpit, and GTSeat Add-On. Additionally, its versatile design extends compatibility to various third-party* solutions, ensuring a perfect fit and enhancing the adaptability of the seat to different setups. With its wide-ranging compatibility, the Flight Simulator Seat Only opens a world of possibilities for flight enthusiasts, allowing them to create their ultimate cockpit configuration with ease.
*Please refer to “Compatibility” section for measurements. 

The Flight Simulator Seat Only is designed for comfort during long hours of flight, with high-density foam and a combination of PU leather and suede for breathability and longevity. The seat has a unique double recliner design for added strength and can be fine-tuned for different angles. Unique a cut-out design for the best positioning of the joystick between the user's legs during combat or helicopter flight.

Over the years, Next Level Racing® has engineered flight solutions for some of the most serious applications on the planet. We are proud to have supplied flight cockpits to NASA®, Boeing®, Bristol University Department of Aerospace Engineering, Australian & British Air Force Cadets, Saitek®, Oshkosh Air Show, European Pilot of the year James Moon and many more. The Next Level Racing® Flight products are designed to be modular, allowing for easy customization to fit the specific needs of each user. With expert knowledge and feedback from customers globally, the Next Level Racing® Flight Simulators are trusted by thousands of users worldwide for training and entertainment purposes.


  • Supports Commercial and Military configurations for a realistic experience.
  • Ergonomically designed flight sim seat with lumbar cushion for enhanced comfort.
  • Achieve a realistic military configuration with included HOTAS cut-out for precise control.
  • Effortless adjustments with Double Seat Recliner Levers for quick backrest positioning and structural stability.
  • Convenient seat sliders for easy seat adjustment.
  • Compatible with the Elite Series cockpit, GTtrack, F-GT, GTSeat Add-on and Flight Simulator cockpit 
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