Whether you’re working at home, school or at the office, with the Siero silent click wireless mouse you can fully concentrate on your work without being distracted by annoying click noises. Enjoy the sound of silence but with the same click and feel as any other mouse.

Key Features

Reduced sound
The Siero has reduced key-click sounds. This means that when pressing the buttons, it makes at least 90% less noise compared to a regular mouse. On top of that, the Siero comes with a precise optical sensor for accurate control of your work.

Speed select button
This mouse is specially made for all users. The speed select button on top of the mouse allows you to alter the speed of the cursor (1000/1600/2400 DPI). In this way, you can select the right speed for your type of work combined with personal preference. Also, its ambidextrous design allows left as well as right-handed people to use this mouse.

Work wirelessly
The Siero mouse works wirelessly within a range of 8 meters via a storable USB micro receiver. Plug this small receiver into your laptop or PC and you can start using the mouse immediately. When you’re finished, simply leave the receiver in your PC or laptop or store it in the compartment in the mouse. Easily turn the mouse on and off with the power switch to save on battery.

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