Size Does Matter
With an extra-large surface area, it’s a miracle that BigFoot has stayed hidden until now. The Trust BigFoot XL Gel Mouse Pad allows you to work in comfort, without ever having to worry about running out of space for your mouse.

Space for Days
Feel like your current mousepad doesn’t offer enough freedom of movement? The Bigfoot XL has got you covered: with a surface area of 255 x 295mm, your mouse can go anywhere it wants.

All in the Wrist
The ergonomic soft gel wrist rest will let you find a comfortable position for your hand, preventing any excessive straining. You’ll be able to work for hours while staying comfortable at all times.

Smooth Control
The Trust Bigfoot XL’s surface isn’t just huge, it’s smooth as well. The texture is designed for smooth control, regardless of the type of mouse sensor you’re using. And with an anti-slip bottom, it will stay firmly in place on your desk as you’re using it.

Key features

  • Mouse pad with ergonomic soft gel wrist rest
  • For a comfortable position of your hand, preventing excessive straining
  • Extra-large design with 255 x 295mm usable surface area
  • Optimised surface texture for smooth control
  • Works with all types of mice
  • Anti-slip bottom for extra stability
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