The Easy Way to Communicate
It’s an online world, which means meetings are moving to the internet as well. The Trust Rydo is there to help. This compact headset is made to be worn comfortably, with an adjustable microphone to help you communicate. Easy to use, with great sound quality; suitable for all (video) chat applications, like Skype, Teams or Zoom.

Compact Comfort
The Trust Rydo has a convenient, compact design. The subtle look of these headphones make them perfectly suitable for use on camera without distraction. Thanks to the soft leatherette ear cushions, adjustable headband and light weight, the Trust Rydo will stay comfortable even during the longest of video calls.

Clear Digital Speech
Place the adjustable microphone in any position you like and make yourself heard. The USB connection will ensure your colleagues or distant family members will be able to hear your every word in clear, digital quality.  It also makes the Trust Rydo easy to use, as simply plugging in the USB cable is all you need to do to get started.

Suitable for All
While the Trust Rydo can be used comfortably by anyone, it’s also suitable for all (video) chat apps. Whether you prefer Teams, Skype or Zoom, the Rydo supports it without issues. The 180cm long USB cable allows plenty of freedom of movement, which is especially handy if you like to move around a lot during meetings, while the inline remote gives you full control over your mic and volume. The Trust Rydo truly is suitable for all.

Key features

  • Compact size for a subtle look during video calls
  • Comfortable design with soft leatherette ear cushions
  • Adjustable headband, allows anyone to wear this headset with ease
  • Clear digital speech and audio quality through USB
  • Adjustable microphone that can be placed in multiple positions
  • The 1.8m long cable assures plenty of freedom of movement during calls
  • Adjust the volume and mute/unmute the microphone with the inline controls
  • Suitable for all (video) chat applications, including Teams, Skype and Zoom
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