Do you want to enjoy the comfort of your couch when your laptop is connected to your TV? With the Trust Veza Wireless Touchpad Keyboard you can easily control your Smart TV, laptop, PC or game console without leaving your sofa.

Key Features

Get in control
With the Trust Veza you can search for a YouTube video, post a Facebook message, e-mail a friend or visit your favourite website when your laptop is connected to your TV. The Trust Veza features a full-size keyboard and an integrated XL touchpad. Thanks to the built-in touchpad you can control your laptop with just the tip of your finger. Like on a laptop, a cursor will appear on the TV screen allowing you to smoothly control every option with just a click of a button.

The Trust Veza also features an extra left-click mouse button on the top left corner of the keyboard. This button makes the keyboard easy to use when holding it in both hands. The volume can also be adjusted with just one click of a button.

Just the right size
The Trust Veza is lightweight and has a slim design. It just has the right size: compact enough to sit wherever you like, large enough to allow comfortable and precise typing. The groove placed in the keyboard even ensures a good grip of the keyboard while using it.

Plug & Play
Want to use the Trust Veza? Just connect the micro USB receiver and you are good to go! The Trust Veza can be used wirelessly within a range of 10m.

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