An energetic Psycho once said, "every morning I cry, because the moon is dead," so we made him his very own Borderlands 3 Ikon to perk up his evenings, and just to see his face light up... quite literally!

Created in Psycho’s own image, the vibrant Borderlands 3 Ikon will not only keep your devices charged, but it’ll also brighten-up your set-up.

With Psycho as our muse, the Borderlands 3 IKON features the striking Psycho mask on an illuminated column detailed with a coordinated orange decal and includes our unique patented R.E.S.T. system to hold your controllers, phones and maybe even your buzz-axe when needed.

To add an extra function to your display, you can also connect our SP2 Powerstand headphone rest into the back of your Ikon, which should keep you from joining the Children of the Vault.

  • The new era of light up charging stands, perfect for the PS5 or XboxS/X controllers
  • Compatible with the SP2 Powerstand headphone rest
  • 2 USB fast charging points
  • Patented Rotating Entertainment Support Tray (R.E.S.T.) system to hold your controllers, phones and other items
  • Black column with an rgane, LED-lit edge, topped with a light-up Psycho Mask, and a colour coordination decal on the column front
  • Based on the Psycho mask from the Borderlands 3 game. 1.2M / 4FT Type C Cable Provided.
  • Instruction Manual provided via QR Code on the packaging.

Controllers and phones NOT included


Release date: 01.08.2024
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