Arise from the abyss of death to reclaim your rightful throne in a captivating action platformer.

Assume the mantle of the 'Cursed King,' wielding the chains that once imprisoned you, now transformed into formidable weapons to vanquish your enemies and navigate the perilous terrain of your shattered kingdom.

Discover hidden areas, solve puzzles, and uncover secret treasures to feed your power as you prepare for epic battles against gruelling, colossal bosses. Level up strategically to overcome all who stand in your way and take your seat as the rightful king once more!


Arise From The Dead & Claim Back Your Throne
Assume the mantle of the ‘Cursed King’ as you embark on a relentless journey of vengeance to reclaim your stolen throne. Traverse perilous lands fraught with danger as you hunt for the scattered fragments of celestial arrows, combining them to purge your curse and unlock your true power.

Wield The Chains That Once Imprisoned You
Embrace your newfound strength and command over the chains that once bound you deep within the crypts. Harness this mighty weapon to repel, slash, and eviscerate any who dare obstruct your path. Utilise your chains further for navigation, attaching to rings and propelling across chasms to reach new areas.

Discover Hidden Areas & Reclaim Your Kingdom’s Treasures
Explore every inch of your crumbling kingdom, uncovering hidden chambers and clandestine passages teeming with invaluable treasures. Acquire newfound abilities and enhancements as you delve deeper, fortifying yourself for the trials that await.

Collect Crystals & Items To Feed Your Power
Uncover elusive "power crystals" and harness their essence to strategically enhance your abilities, gaining an edge on the looming challenges ahead.

Banish Colossal Demons From Your Lands
Test your strategic finesse and precise timing in intense battles that demand skilful manoeuvring to overcome gruelling, gigantic bosses. 

A Classic Is Revived! Beyond The Ice Palace Returns
Witness the triumphant resurrection of a cult classic over 35 years in the making!

Release date: 14.01.2025
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