They're changing the past... we have to go back!  


Blast into an action-packed adventure through time, where Earth is under attack by aliens. Lead the resistance against the 'Murkors' in Die After Sunset, a vibrant roguelite shooter. Experiment with different item combinations and power up through missions as you race against the clock to take on gigantic bosses! If they take you down, then don't worry - death is only the beginning!


Return to the fight, levelled-up and stronger with each new run!


  • Travel through time & save the world.. or at least try to! Pick your defender from three unique play styles: sharp-shooter 'April', machine-gun spraying cyborg 'Rido', or the finger-lazor zapping 'Hune'!
  • Fight in the light and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled shooting frenzy! Murkors keep spawning in never-ending waves - offering you never-ending target practice. Pick your battles and strategically fight Murkors in sun-lit areas, because when they enter the shadows... they become stronger and much more scarier!
  • Five gigantic levels, five colossal bosses! Each level takes place in a different era of time and is always plagued with hordes of Murkors, with an evil leader awaiting you during sunset on every run! Have you scavenged and powered up enough to fight these massive bosses?!
  • No run is ever the same! 19 in-game missions are uniquely populated every time you start a new run. Keep your wits about you, defender! And hope luck is on your side...
  • Experiment with hundreds of item combinations. Scavenge for chests and complete missions to grab as many items as you can stack. Who knows what weird and wonderful ways they might work together? Maybe you'll discover a combination that makes you invincible... or just really, really sweaty.
  • Power up after every run with in-game currency (aka "Mukus")! Bank it and spend it on stat upgrades, new items and weapons to become stronger than ever before.
  • Unlock even more weapons and powers by completing challenges! Task yourself with targeting a whole list of challenges to unlock all new weapons, items, and game settings! The more challenges you complete, the more badass you'll become! Or at least you'll look cooler, which is almost as good.
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