As a member of the attack squad, you carry out a variety of exciting missions ranging from fires inside an apartment, car fire in a tunnel, rescuing people from an elevator up to dangerous fires in a commercial enterprise, office building or underground parking garage.

When you arrive on the scene, you start where the attack squad begins to operate. The extinguishing water connection is already in place, the turntable
ladder is ready for use and all the materials you need for an indoor or outdoor attack are at your disposal right from the start.

You are therefore well equipped to successfully complete any operation. After you arrive you first have to survey the scene to get an overview of the situation. Then you can start to work on the primary and secondary objectives. Depending on the situation, you will have to decide
for yourself in which order you want to complete the tasks. However, be prepared for incidents that may occur during the operation, such as explosions of gas cylinders, if they are not found and extinguished in time.

During the missions, remember that your own safety and that of the people involved is always paramount! Do you have what it takes to face the challenges ahead and master the exciting everyday work of the attack squad?


  • Take on the role of the attack squad and complete a variety of different missions
  • Explore the operation site, decide on the tactical approach and work through the mission
  • Your tactical decisions influence the further course of the mission
  • Every mission is evaluated so that you can constantly improve yourself
  • Use equipment such as a smoke screen, Halligan bar, turntable ladder or various extinguishing agents
  • Play in first-person perspective, manage your inventory, and interact with the characters in the game
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