Meet Leo, the courageous firefighter cat, and he needs your help on his exciting adventure as a junior recruit at the fire station!

Take on missions that get trickier each time and climb the ranks with the guidance of Commander Nox. Don't worry, you're not alone!

Use your fire hose, axe, and special powers to tackle different challenges. Save your fellow cat citizens from forest fires to floods or even toxic waste. Battle mischievous spirits and put out fires threatening the city – it's a non-stop adventure!

Zoom to the rescue in cool vehicles like fire truck, a boat, a seaplane, a helicopter and more. You've got all the gear to act fast!

Head back to the fire station to unlock new outfits for Leo – there are tons of costumes to make him the coolest cat on every mission.

Are you ready to be the city's purr-fect hero?


  • Embark on over 20 exciting missions including a candy factory in fire, a luxurious cruise ship in danger, an island facing a rise in water…!
  • Grab your trusty water hose or your mighty axe! Choose between your two amazing superpowers to beat all the dangers that come your way!
  • 5 vehicles to choose from and to carry out your rescue missions: fire truck, boat, seaplane, helicopter and 4X4 car.
  • Explore the city freely and discover its hidden secrets.
  • Collect and unlock a variety of costumes for Leo to make him the coolest cat on the block!
Release date: 31.12.2024
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