Zapling Bygone is a twisted metroidvania where you play as a hive-mind and you will have to the skulls of your enemies to
absorve their consciousness and steal their abilities to survive.

Find game-changing mutations that modify and enhance your abilities, collect skull fragments that shine light on long dead civilizations. Trade plasma for ancient keys, forgotten secrets and weird paintings.

Piece together the events that occurred in a post-apocalyptic alien planet, and use its secrets to fight a fragment of your
own hive.


  • Wear the skulls of your foes: Every ability is gained by killing a boss and stealing their skull. These
    abilities allow you to transverse the world in new and exciting ways as well as help you destroy
    your opponents.
  • Explore the world: A vast, dangerous and interconnected world awaits you with only you and
    your skulls as company. Reveal each biome in the world by collecting the skulls of people who
    lived in them.
  • Conquer 6 biomes, each with their own enemies, bosses and backstory.
  • Collecto Comic Panels: When wearing the skulls of your foes you will gain access to their memories
    and unlock comic strip panels representing major events in their lives. The skulls will even talk
    to you throughout your adventure.

Zapling Bygone - Deluxe Edition Includes:
Physical Game, Original Soundtrack, Zapling Pin, Mini Cómics, Collector's Box


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